In the accommodation houses of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria (ELKB) groups are always welcome. The houses are managed by deaneries, parishes, religious communities as well as by the ELKB directly. They offer you space to have a good time with confirmation-groups, youth camps, school trips, family camps, choir weekends, seminars or at a conference or something similar.

Due to the different standards, from a simple forest hut to a castle, whether self-catering or full board, whether a retreat, a group leisure or a conference, the church accommodation houses in Bavaria can offer you the right place for almost all occasions. Time for experiences in the group, free space for conversations, communal worship and devotions, to celebrate and have fun together, but also to live out creativity and do physical activities, are the factors that make a group trip so exciting.

The locations are not in big Bavarian cities, but in scenic regions throughout Bavaria. Their use is of course not only reserved for church groups. Because of different facilities, it is possible to experience church in a different place and in very different ways.

This page gives an overview and briefly introduces you to the accommodation houses so that you can find the necessary information and links to be able to organize a trip with a group